Digital Marketing For Beginner

Digital Marketing , we can also consider it as online marketing or web marketing is used for promoting a brand and to connect with the potential users through internet or with any digital platform . This include certain marketing channel like social media , email , web-based advertising , multimedia messages etc.


So we are guiding you with the help of certain steps how you can promote your business :=

1- Creating your Buyer Persona := Buyer Persona being one of the most important step towards promotion of your Business . So whether you are a Brand or any New Business , you need to do a deep analysis on your customers.

The kind of analysis you have to do is :=

a) what are there(Buyer Persona) demographics ?
This includes their age , gender , location etc.

b) Where do they spend their maximum time online like on instagram , linkedin , facebook etc.

c) What motivation did they get in buying your product or service , means you have to mention their pain points which they are trying to solve.

2- Social Media Marketing := Social media marketing plays a vital role in making business a known Brand in the market .
Some of the best social media platforms are facebook , Instagram , Twitter , TikTok, LinkedIn , Pinterest .

The only question the beginner should focus that , How you should be using social media . You should know that on which platform is your potential customer and you will do this by doing your audience analysis.

3- Advertising := Advertising is done in two way i.e. through Social Media and through Google (known as PPC).
Through social media you target your audience on the basis of interest , behaviour , demographic etc.
and by google you can target audience by what they are searching on google.

4- Video Content := In 2020 96% users has increased the consumption of online videos. 9 out of 10 users wanted videos from any brand or business . It is estimated that by 2022 , 82% traffic will be coming through video advertising.

5- SEO := Search Engine Optimization is the process through which you rank your Business Higher on google. SEO is both Paid and Unpaid . Whenever you search anything on google the websites coming at the top on SERP page having Ad symbol are paid and next to them all other websites are result of SEO.

6- Content Marketing := Content Marketing is the approach of creating valuable , relevant and consistent content to drive profitable customer action.

People used to research more before buying or taking any service , so you should be providing them best information rather than directly jumping into your sales content . Through valuable content you build trust with your customer.

7- Email Marketing := Digital marketing is incomplete without this. Mail Chimp is being the most important tool which defines email marketing . We can be using it to promote our business . Through email marketing you can make your customer aware about your new offers or any new services you have marketing plays very important role in lead generation and spreading awareness about your Brand , Building relationship with your customer .

You can use email marketing to send emails like :

a) Send a welcome email to your new subscribers or users.
b) Send an automated email with information or weekly updates.
c) Send an automated email to customer who has purchased any service.

Email marketing is considered as creating a bridge between a business and its customer .

8- Podcasts := Podcast is newer in field of digital marketing as compared to all the above mentioned . SEMrush says 2021 holds a record for hours spent listening to podcast. So this could also be the platform where your audience spending most of their time .

Some of the platforms are :
b) Apple Podcast
c) Pandora

Keep in mind just because if you dont have large base of podcast listener it doesnt meanyou dont have knowledge to bring to the table.

So , all these are good strategies to get started with digital marketing and start promoting your business. Now if you want to see the result faster working with experience digital marketing agency could be the right answer.